Chocolate Malt Balls
Chocolate Malt Balls
Chocolate Malt Balls

Chocolate Malt Balls

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Yupik’s Milk Chocolate Malt Balls are crisp and airy centers of candy coated in sweet milk chocolate! These confections are ideal for snacking or baking. Buy Milk Chocolate Malt Balls by 500g, kilo, or case to keep your cupboard well-stocked with this pantry must-have! Conveniently pack portion controlled baggie’s to store your car, bag, and desk with this delicious treat!

INSIDE SCOOP: A few facts!

- Low-calorie
- High in protein
- Contains calcium and iron

CULINARY TWIST: More than a snack!

Add chopped or coarsely chopped malt balls to baked goods, such as cookies, brownies, bars, granola, and so much more! For extended variety, mix malt balls with dried fruits, roasted nuts, chocolate covered nuts, or other bite-sized chocolates. Milk Chocolate Malt Balls also make a wonderful gift, party favor, or addition to any snack table!

ABOUT CHOCOLATE: Did you know?

Approximately 40% of almonds are produced for chocolate products!

HOW TO STORE: Preserve freshness!

Store in a cool, dry place for up to 12 months.